SAJSS has adopted a new initiative in line with the knowledge translation movements by asking authors to prepare a video summary of their articles and publishing them on the SAIST YouTube Channel.

Our video summaries present the summary of our recently published articles, filmed by articles’ authors. By video summaries, we aim to help both academics and non-academics to scan the literature promptly and understand quickly the key themes of an article without going through pages of an article. We hope that our video summaries will help our articles to be more visible, reachable, and discoverable. We also hope to provide a personalized forum for our authors to simply convey their article messages to the SAJSS global readership.

To prepare video please kindly consider the following points:

  1. The length of video should be maximum 5 minutes.
  2. The video should present a summary of the article.
  3. The authors are encouraged to use images, animations, and slides to increase the visibility of their videos.
  4. The speaker should seat at the center of the frame.
  5. The camera or the smartphone must be at the same level as the speaker, not higher or lower.
  6. The space at both top and bottom of the screen should be 20 cm.
  7. The speaker should leave enough pauses (5-6 seconds) before starting and after finishing the talk.
  8. To avoid camera shake, we recommend using a tripod.
  9. The speaker should not seat in a place with a window in the background; we recommended seating in a place with a wall in the background.
  10. The speaker should keep the noise down at the time of recording.
  11. We recommend using the MP4 format.
  12. We recommend a landscape mode with the frame size of HD (1280*720) or Full HD (1920*1080) pixels
  13. SAJSS Copyright Statement is applied for the use and distribution of video summaries. 

How to share the video with SAJSS:

  1. Authors can upload the video in Dropbox and share the link with us via
  2. Once we receive your video, it will be checked and if there is no technical problem, we will edit and then publish it on the YouTube Channel.